The photographs before you capture a moment of time, each within a specific context, each with a story.

While viewing these images, we invite you to explore your reactions, thoughts and feelings as well as the points of view and personal experiences they are based on. Afterwards, discover the stories, situations and dilemmas behind each photograph.

The purpose of humanitarian action is to save lives, to alleviate suffering and by doing so, to respect human dignity. In the field, humanitarian workers not only face crises but also experience personal dilemmas within daily decision-making. The Humanitarian Principles – Humanity, Neutrality, Impartiality and Independence – help them in these challenges.

Life is full of dilemmas and challenges, not only for those who work in humanitarian aid, but for us all. In our daily lives, we all face predicaments which can be overcome by solving problems and making fundamental decisions. Can the Humanitarian Principles also be applied to your life?

Join in and share with us your personal thoughts, feelings, questions and stories in the worldwide conversation #DialoguesOnHumanity.

Afshan Heuer

Curator of the section “Dialogues on Humanity”