© Sarah Carp, 2018


Like a vulnerable boat in the middle of a storm, giving birth means abandoning oneself to the movement and being carried by the wind. Absolute fragility, solitude and abandonment go hand in hand with joy, beauty and the power of nature. This project is based on a unique history. A journey into motherhood, loneliness, separation and the transformation of a woman using photography to overcome and accept her daily life.

«I chose a personal story because as a single mother with a newborn baby I needed help. It was a rather fragile period in my life.» 

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Cinematographic Perspective


Cyril Porchet
© Cyril Porchet, 2018

Cinematographic Perspective

The Salève

Laurence Rasti
© Laurence Rasti, 2018

Cinematographic Perspective

Memorial Garden

Virginie Rebetez
© Virgineie Rebetez, 2018

Cinematographic Perspective

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© Manon Wertenbroek, 2018

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© Caroline Etter, 2018

Cinematographic Perspective

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© Yann Gross, 2018

Cinematographic Perspective

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Mathieu Bernard-Reymond
© Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, 2018